Direct to garment t-shirt printing.

 Creative freedom!

  • No mimimum order
  • No screen originations charges
  • No limits on design print colours
  • No limits on design detail, just hi resolution prints

DTG printed image

Design T-shirts Online & DTG printing

Use our powerful online designer to get your ideas and designs printed on to a t-shirt or other garment.

With the development of DTG - direct to garment printing it is now possible to have a 1 off full colour t-shirt printed.

Our industry leading design software gives you all the tools you need to create that perfect t-shirt or item.

Before the development of the Direct to garment printing process what you could have printed onto a t-shirts was restricted by the cost and creation of screen printing screens and artwork. To print even a 2 colour logo requires two screens and artwork separations to be produced. Because of the artwork & screen origination you would of needed to purchase at least 10 t-shirts. Now with DTG - direct to garment technology there is no limit on your print/design colours and you can. Get Creative!


What is Direct to garment printing

Direct to garment printing is a fairly new and improving inkjet technology used in the garment printing industry. As with the digital revolution in paper/card printing when more and more traditional screen printing methods have been replaced by digital printers giving higher detail and shorter set-up times. Although the paper and card industry have the speed, the garment side has yet you get to that stage.

Although there are major develpoments year on year the DTG 'direct to garment' process is better suited to small full colour runs 


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